..:: Lineage II Argentina ::..

..:: Lineage II Argentina ::..
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 L2 Ravage x20 -2000 Players Online

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Fecha de inscripción : 21/08/2015

MensajeTema: L2 Ravage x20 -2000 Players Online   Vie Ago 21, 2015 4:09 am

[----------------------------------L2 Ravage----------------------------------]
O                   P                    E                   N
---- Basic Info ----

EXP: x20
SP: x20
Adena: x15
Drop: x10
Seal Stones: x15
Party: x5
Spoil: x15
Raid Boss: x6
Epic Boss: x1
Quest Reward x1  .

----Custom Info----

All Event's with GM's
Vote Reward
Auto PickUP
NPC Buffer: YES Custom Pro NPC Buffer
Auto Learn Skill
BuffTime :  1 Hour
Trader Offline
Custom GK Alt-B Community
Custom Community System
ChangeJob- Auto Lear with Adena
Subclass: Auto, but selection.
Noble: Quest-Donation Coin

----Work on server----

Core System Full
GeoData Full
TvT-KoreanStyle-CTF Events and Good Rewars
Oly - ON .
Item Broker, retail.
Clan Hall, buffers and custom npc.
Seven Sings, Full.
Siege full ,
Territory War, retail.

2000 Players Online forever.
Anti Boot System

Grand Boss information
  Antharas and Valakas spawn every 7 days with 2 + 2 hours random.
  Baium spawns every 5 days with random +2 -2 hours.
  Queen ant spawns every 36 hours + 2 - 2 days random.
  Beleth spawns every 5 days with + 2 - 2 days random.

Start / End - 16:00 (GMT -3) / 22:00 (GMT -3)
 Heroes every 2 weeks.
 The day 1 and day 15 validate heroes.
 Maximo in olym enchant +6.
 Non Class: Requires 11 participants to call.


  Customer - High Five Part 5
  GM Shop to Grade S.
  Armor and Weapon Upgrade System.
  Automated events and events held by the staff.
  Max SubClass: 3 -
  SubClass Max Lvl: 85
  Epic PvP zone
  TW every 2 weeks
  Buff Slots 24 + 4 - Dance / Song 12. (2h duration)
  Drop calculator in the comunity
  Raid boss Engine
  Party Matching - Auction - Atribute manager at CB.
  Secondary active auth
  Lameguard + SmartGuard antibot

Dedicated Server Hardware +
  CPU: Intel Xeon Six-Core E5-1650
  RAM: 64 GB DDR3
  HD: 2x 160 GB SSD
  Hosted on: CANADA

--------LINK--------- :
l2ravage, com
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L2 Ravage x20 -2000 Players Online
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